huge music fan. hard to pick a few but here goes...
  1. NIN
    the Wave Goodbye tour August 2009 at Terminal 5. I thought I was going to die it was so packed and sweaty at the venue
  2. Beastie Boys
    seen the BBoys 5 times. most memorable tours were 1995 at the Centrum for Ill Communication when the crowd made a mad dash to the floor. then in 2007 with the Dressed to Impress tour. night 1 was an all instrumental show at the Opera House, night 2 was a regular BBoy show at the Pavilion.
  3. Prince
    lucky enough to see the man twice in my life. first was in Boston 2004 for the Musicology tour. stage was in the round. blown away by the performance. second time was MSG in NYC in 2011 with my friend Sarah who is the ultimate fan.
  4. the Cure
    seen these guys a few times, but the most memorable was at ACL in 2013. singing in the rain to Boys Don't Cry.
  5. the Police
    a lifelong Sting fan finally getting to see the Police live. attended both Fenway shows in 2007, but nothing beats seeing them in Dublin at Croke Park. amazing to be in the front row on the pitch with 80,000 fans.
  6. Iggy Pop with Josh Homme
    never was a huge Iggy fan, but seeing him this past year at the Orpheum was amazing. one of the best rock shows ever. can't believe an almost 70 year old man crowd surfed!
  7. Fiction Plane
    seen these guys so many times but following them around France and Holland in 2007 was an experience.
  8. INXS
    this band was my first obsession. I was in the fan club during the X days. finally got to see them in 1997 just a couple months before Michaels death. was at the Orpheum in Boston. Michael came up into the balcony and sang just a few rows in front of me. ❤️
  9. Damien Rice
    I've seen Damien a few times, but 2015 at the Orpheum in Boston was by far the best and most intimate. I cried several times it was so emotional.