Oops this isn't Twitter.
  1. January
    First month out of college and spent it becoming obsessed with Tom Hiddleston 😒
  2. February
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    Babysat my nephew, started applying for jobs, and had a romantic Valentine with The Last Five Years and @jessacosta
  3. March
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    Went on shitty interviews, got bangs, and discovered bitmoji
  4. April
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    RIP Lolo 💔 but got to stay with Jess and Lola for a bit
  5. May
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    CREATED THE BEST DANCE EVER WITH @jessacosta, graduated, became a godmother, and got a puppy 🔥
  6. June
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    @scruzzin and Macy visited 😍 and we saw Broadway shows, did escape the rooms, explored the city, and got Darren Criss to make a dad joke and speak Tagalog. Oh and I started temping 😐 also @scruzzin introduced me to bullet journaling and it changed my life 📖
  7. July
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  8. August
    Finally saw 1D after like 5 years, Boston Comic Con, and 5sos ruined my life 😑
  9. September
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    HAMILTUNES DROPPED and I haven't listened to anything since 🔥, I started a full time job, and visited Philadelphia for the pope but really for philly cheesesteaks
  10. October
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    NYCC and little Troy's first bday 💖
  11. November
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    Saw 6 shows in 4 days with @jessacosta 👯, Allegiance was life changing 😭😭, and I got an iMac ✨
  12. December
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