Mostly just so @jessacosta will watch and discuss and sing with me
  1. so I know I'm like a decade too old to like this but it's adorable so whatever 💖
  2. it's about the kids of Disney characters. The villains are exiled on to this island but four of the villains' kids get to be exchange students with the "good" kids.
  3. it's directed and choreographed by Kenny Ortega, the mastermind of High School Musical and Newsies
  4. the first song is so cringeworthy that it's honestly hard to watch but just get through it trust me 😳
  5. just accept the Disney channel acting and bad dialogue and bask in the campy, cheesy glorious song and dance ✨
  6. there are multiple dance breaks and the actors can like actually dance
  7. i'm assuming there's a cute Zac Efron like character
    I can't tell because he just looks like a scrawny little white kid to me but i'm sure that's what Zac looked like to older ppl at the time
  8. Mal and Evie have great hair
    This is actually a plot point
  9. they cast POC as previously white characters!!
  10. there's a Gabriella-esque song where they look of in the distance and sing about their relationship problems
  11. an awkward yet fun acapella-rap version of be our guest
  12. cute after school special lessons such as don't be dumb to get a guy to like you and don't judge someone based on their past