This has been a list that has changed a lot over the years with new movies and so forth, but there are a few that have stayed up in this list and have not gone away. Therefore, I feel these are my favorites if they have not faded from my psyche. So here they are:
  1. Jaws
    One of the greatest action thrillers ever. This is one of Spielberg's finest. Impressive more so since he'd only done one major motion picture before this, and he was only 26 at the time. Nothing like that music and terror of the unseen to get the heart pumpin during this story of a great white shark that terrorizes a resort island called Amity, and three fellas who embark on a dangerous hunt to kill this 26 foot long badass. (Also known as Bruce during filming.)
  2. Alien
    Many people have told me that James Cameron's 1986 science fiction action thriller sequel, Aliens, is better than its predecessor. All I can say, and many others would agree with me on this, is poppy cock to that! Granted, I like Cameron's film, but it can't rival the original horror film, Alien, directed by Ridley Scott in 1979. It's creepy-paced story of a terrifying extra terrestrial stowaway killing off the crew of an intergalactic space vessel made everyone's hearts go crossways in them.
  3. Ghostbusters
    I laughed and screamed when I saw this in 1985, which was a year after it came out in the theaters. That library ghost always got me. With that said, having the likes of Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis and onward made up for the thrills with tons of tear jerking laughter. A comedy of pure originality is what I think every time I watch this story of the world's first team of paranormal investigators and eliminators.
  4. BirdMan
    For years I've always wanted to see Michael Keaton in a role that would prove his supreme acting meddle didn't begin and end with Batman. He's such a fine actor, he deserved a role of that magnitude. Well, he found it in BirdMan, as a past superhero star trying to redeem his career and personal life while trying to confront and conquer his inner demons. A well written script with a great cast and fine cinematography, it was a funny home runner. An Oscar worthy performance, even though he lost.
  5. The Dark Knight Trilogy
  6. On the Waterfront
  7. The Gold Rush
  8. City Lights
  9. All the President's Men
  10. The Original Star Wars Trilogy