Google IO is an event akin to a Willy Wonka affair for nerds.
  1. Ask demonstrators when you can buy their product or download their app. The answer is always, "well I don't know we hadn't really thought of selling it to the public." But it is still fun to ask.
  2. Pitch ideas from @BoredElonMusk to Google interns. (Nooglers)
  3. Ask Googlers about work life balance
  4. Hear some really awesome tech talks by industry leaders.
  5. Hear the same talk back to back by different presenters
    Did they not check the topics with each other?
  6. Walk around loudly declaring that you "WORK FOR A STARTUP"
  7. Firebase
  8. Try to get Googlers to cop to what delayed the actual releases of all the keynote products
  9. Code