There is an empty desk in my office, and I'm hoping it will never be occupied. (Truthfully, I will probably continue to do most of these things)
  1. Fix my tights halfway through the day when I realize they're on backwards
  2. Giggle every time I accidentally start typing something with Caps Lock on
    A shocking amount.
  4. Stretch
    Like, on the ground.
  5. Look out the window and snap out of it 10 minutes later
    This f'real happened the other day. Did I get abducted by aliens? #losttime
  6. Deal with how sweaty I am after climbing the stairs in the morning
  7. Audibly curse at Photoshop
  8. Rearrange my bulletin board once a week
    I like to keep it fresh!
  9. Check my hair in Photobooth
    Or maybe we can take hella fresh selfies if they cool
  10. Go through the drawers of aforementioned empty desk
  11. Take 15 minutes to sit and make a List