1. Socrates: Let's talk about it.
  2. Plato: Hey caveman, get real!
  3. Aristotle: Eudaimonia or you die moanier.
  4. Epicurus: Death? Not my problem.
  5. Augustine: On fire.
  6. Occam: Cut!
  7. Descartes: You're not dreaming.
  8. Spinoza: I'm not in to bondage.
  9. Locke: You look blank.
  10. Berkeley: Ideaology.
  11. Hume: You're a natural.
  12. Rousseau: Chain reaction.
  13. Burke: You say you want a revolution...
  14. Kant: Cool shades, but you can't take them off.
  15. Hegel: Synthetic fabric.
  16. Bentham: Harmless fun.
  17. Mill: Don't be a pig.
  18. Marx: Glory, glory, Man United!
  19. Kierkegaard: Jump!
  20. Pierce: An icon.
  21. [Husserl]
  22. Frege: What are you referring to?
  23. Russell: What do you mean there's no king of France?
  24. Wittgenstein: I'm not going to tell you.
  25. Ayer: Logical positivism - hooray!
  26. Popper: Unconvinced me.
  27. Sartre: Don't wait!
  28. Camus: It's only rock and roll but I like it.
  29. Rawls: Justice for reasonable people.
  30. Rand: Justice for nutters.
  31. Foot: Track changes
  32. Kuhn: Can you believe this shift?
  33. Singer: Goodbye pork pie.
  34. Zizek: