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Working on projects, browsing fonts. Here are noteworthy fonts to someday purchase.
  1. Populaire
    All caps. Sans serif. Just cartoony enough with a hint of a rough edge.
  2. Kaleidos Rough
    Display font. Rough, as the name suggests. Brush script.
  3. Handelson
    Same as Kaleidos rough, but with a more organic flow and a less perfect typographic look.
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Pre-concert coffee. Taking note of my thoughts. Killing time. Solo adventuring in Denver this evening.
  1. How can I create this vibe in my room? Low, ambient lighting. Chill music - of the non-verbal, kinda jazzy, kinda groovy, and totally awesome variety. Succulents. Large photos/artwork. Candles. Good booze/coffee. This is totally doable.
  2. The pistachio white mocha I ordered is quite good. Not sure what drew me to it, but I'm not regretting the decision.
  3. This mug is huge. HUGE. Like hold-it-completely-with-both-hands huge.
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