Pre-concert coffee. Taking note of my thoughts. Killing time. Solo adventuring in Denver this evening.
  1. How can I create this vibe in my room? Low, ambient lighting. Chill music - of the non-verbal, kinda jazzy, kinda groovy, and totally awesome variety. Succulents. Large photos/artwork. Candles. Good booze/coffee. This is totally doable.
  2. The pistachio white mocha I ordered is quite good. Not sure what drew me to it, but I'm not regretting the decision.
  3. This mug is huge. HUGE. Like hold-it-completely-with-both-hands huge.
  4. I wonder what this drink would taste like with booze in it? The cozy factor would definitely jump way up.
  5. Downtown Denver is just far away enough to be an annoying drive (especially on days that I don't want to work at home). If I lived closer, I could fall in love with the city. Until then, the once a week, 45 minute drives will have to suffice.
  6. What time is it? 6:40? A few large gulps of this drink, and it's time to go.