Working on projects, browsing fonts. Here are noteworthy fonts to someday purchase.
  1. Populaire
    All caps. Sans serif. Just cartoony enough with a hint of a rough edge.
  2. Kaleidos Rough
    Display font. Rough, as the name suggests. Brush script.
  3. Handelson
    Same as Kaleidos rough, but with a more organic flow and a less perfect typographic look.
  4. Fourth
    Modern, clean script.
  5. Kaleidos
    Exactky like Kaleidos Rough.. minus the rough
  6. Cheddar Gothic
    Bold, narrow, all-caps with a rough edge.
  7. Charcuterie
    A rough serif, with a hint of art nouveau/deco (just less narrow).
  8. Prangs
    What Didot would look like with curves and a bit more floof and flourishes.
  9. Sunbeat
    All caps, retro sans serif. A little cartoony, a lot like the serifed sibling of the "Bewitched" font.
  10. FF Bokka
    Rough, youthful font. Less comic sans, and more fun block letter party.