1. Work out
    Start your day with a work out. Walk around the block or the park to feel energized
  2. Get productive
    Clean your room or house to get a sense of organization and direction
  3. Watch you favorite tv show
    Get on Netflix and binge watch a season for the hell of it
  4. Watch your favorite movie
    Find it on Netflix or pop open a DVD or even better a vhs😌
  5. Take a bath
    Or take a shower get fresh and clean to renew and rejuvenate
  6. Listen to some music
    Get on your favorite pandora station or listen to your favorite cd
  7. Cook
    Cook your fav dish. Nothing is better than having a home cooked meal
  8. Drink water and eat healthy
    People often feel weird and sluggish when they mostly eat sugary and unhealthy food out of moderation. Drink some water to help flush out the sugar and eat some fruit. Feeling good on inside is just as important
  9. Hang out with friends
    Surround yourself with positive people that respect and love you and want you to be happy because you deserve it
  10. Hang out with yourself
    Have fun doing all these by yourself to feel beautiful inside and out.