2015 was really mixed! Like a whole gang of curates got together for omelettes. Not ranked, not in chronological order:
  1. Good: I turned forty. Like they say, this is great once you consider the alternative
  2. Bad: oh the end of this year when it felt like loss was everywhere. First Tom - @boriswatch - who I didn't know but very much respected, then our family friend Brian was lost at sea, then very recently, my friend Steve, all lost to us this year
  3. Good: I did some public speaking and I quite enjoyed it because apparently I'm some sort of sociopath or something
  4. Bad: Steve deserves his own entry. I've tried to think, but there was absolutely nothing bad about Steve. When you consider he was a Chelsea fan from Yorkshire, this is something. Gentle, funny, a pub quiz genius, I always felt happier for spending time with Steve and I'll miss him so much.
  5. Good: this year marked 20 years of my and Chris's relationship. You can't imagine what that poor man has put up with but I'm so grateful he stuck around
  6. Bad: international news was particularly horrific in a way I can't do justice to here. The suffering of refugees and the cold welcome they often received
  7. Good: this happened - https://vine.co/v/eFwABqULQIr and his sister, my niece, is more delightful every time I see her
  8. Bad: I let my hair grow too long and it doesn't suit me and thus I limited even further my diminishing fox opportunities
  9. Good: I learnt how to make linocut prints and it was fun
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  10. Bad: i didn't get the job! Perhaps I should apply for another
  11. Good: we've only gone and got ourselves a nice pub - the White Swan - in Charlton
  12. Bad: but then we've had an amazing lido in Charlton for quite some time and I really didn't use it enough this year
  13. Good: I ran 5k and I'm still alive.
  14. Bad: I felt useless for most of the year. It's fine, I'm surfacing now.
  15. Good: I was surrounded online and off by people who are talented, funny, thoughtful, hard-working, just plain wonderful & some of them still let me spend time with them. Mazin. I can't help it if this sounds gushing and insincere cos it's true. Mwah xxx
  16. Bad: Man, we - and by we I mean the English - really screwed up that election thing
  17. Good: because my brother in law is smart, he married my brilliant sister in law and we all got a wonderful day out of it
  18. Good: I went to Iceland and it was exactly where I needed to go and see. Beautiful.
  19. Bad: let's not talk any further about Charlton Athletic
  20. Good: I saw Sleater Kinney and now I'm a believer
  21. Bad: totally lost patience this year with people who have ideas but want someone else to do the work to put them into practice. Worse: realised that I am very definitely one of these people