1. Pimples
    Many Highschool sex ed/puberty videos made me believe that pimples were only the stuff of pre-/teen nightmares, as a side effect of raging hormones and pizza grease. But when you have unperfect genes, you will find yourself worrying about pimples during your quarter life crisis. Damn.
  2. Crushes
    Like, give me a break.
  3. Exams
    When I was 18, fresh out of Highschool, I thought "oh wow, 4 more years of college will be long". Here I am at 26, procrastinating for midterms. Life happens.
  4. Cool/fun pens
    I thought by my mid 20s I would be writing to my correspondents with fountain pens, or perhaps a quill and ink, and also own my own stamps. In this world I would also have a butler delivering my letters on a silver platter.