On December 8th, I lost my job. I was in a role that I loved, at a company that I loved, working alongside people that I loved. Here are some things that have happened in the past 30 days that I have been unemployed:
  1. I’ve learned what Unemployment Insurance Is.
    And how useless the Unemployment Office can be when you have real questions
  2. I’ve expanded my beer pallet
    I’ve tasted more stouts and porters lately (because they have a higher alcohol content and you get more bang for your buck)
  3. I’ve caught up on my Netflix/HBO shows
    Watched all of Stranger Things, The Crown, Gilmore Girls reboot, Fuller House reboot, Westworld, This is Us, and the current season of SNL
  4. I've caught up on my reading
    Just finished Power Your Happy by Lisa Sugar, Buzzing Communities (a textbook for growing online communities that would’ve been helpful at my last job), re-read @mindy “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me” and am now starting Lauren Graham’s biography.
  5. Re-did my resume 4 times
    Met with several recruiters who all offered different advice on how I should update my resume. Finally I just said “fuck it” and updated it how it best reflected me and my skills. I *think* I finally have it right now. Then again, I still haven’t gotten hired so who knows?
  6. Developed sleep paralysis
    I have these terrible dreams that keep me awake at night and are probably a result of the stress of job hunting. I downloaded “Headspace” the de-stress app to help me declutter my mind but so far no such luck.
  7. I'm learning a new language.
    Duolingo is helping me learn Portuguese. When we launched our app in Brazil last summer I was at a complete loss & using Google translate every day to try and connect with our users. Now I’m determined to learn at least one new language this year and be able to carry on a conversation with one of my new friends from Brazil that I met last year through work.
  8. I lost five pounds.
    This is probably more of a result of having time to work out and not having my desk near the snack drawers at work, but hey, I’ll take it. Even over the holidays I found myself wanting to workout and keep busy and not snack so much. Don’t get me wrong, I ate all the candy we had in the house. But I also worked out twice a day. I’m making it a small goal to see how much weight I can lose before I get hired. Kind of a race to see if I disappear into thin air before I get a new job.