1. It's 8:45 PM on Sunday night.
  2. My phone rings unexpectedly and says "Dad"
  3. I think "Shouldn't he be asleep?"
  4. I answer and ask, "Is everything okay?"
  5. He responds:
  6. "Are you watching the news?"
  7. .....I pause slightly panicked......
  8. "Did you hear about the midget physic?"
  9. ......I continue to pause, now panicked, confused and, admittedly, intrigued......
  10. "....the midget physic who was stealing people's money? Well he got arrested but he escaped from jail."
  11. (Long pause from my dad)
  12. "Is this like a local story, Dad? Where did you hear this?"
  13. (He begins to chuckle)
  14. "Yeah, they're saying there's a small medium at large."
  15. He then laughs for 45 straight seconds and hangs up.
  16. As I sit furious, that I fell for his jokes.
  17. Again.