I've been having some bat shit dreams for about two months now. So instead of keeping them in, I'm gonna list them with you guys. Feel free to help me analyze them.
  1. 2/2
    We had just left Disney World and were headed to the Super Bowl (in the same building?) and I was in charge of someone's twin babies. I got kidnapped by a man in a mask who took me to a haunted house. They ended up leading me to Zac Efron's frat party where he killed those twin babies.
  2. 2/6
    With friends at the beach. I'm out in the ocean, they start packing up and heading to the car. I try to get out of the water but the more I swim the farther away from the shore I get. I watch them leave without even looking for me. Eventually I grab onto a boogie board and just float.
  3. 2/11
    I was working a tech expo of some kind demoing a new kind of mini van. And Justin Timberlake wanted to try it out. So we test drove it. He put a gun to my head and kidnapped me. Took me to the jungle and said he was asking for a ransom of 5 million dollars for me. Then Harrison Ford came and tried to rescue me. I also had to pick tulips out of a field for him, but only the yellow ones.
  4. 2/15
    I dreamed I ran into an ex-friend of mine and I apologized for how everything went down that caused us to not be friends. It was a very emotional meeting. I cried a lot. I woke up emotionally drained and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. I haven't talked to this person in six or seven years.
  5. 2/19 (Nap)
    My mom volunteered for a clothing drive at an elementary school & I was helping her make a tri-fold display. I was trying to explain to her that too many words weren't going to attract people to donate. And then I got a text that the CEO of my former company stepped down.
  6. 2/25
    We worked in a high-tech animal preservation building. The bottom floor was our house and it was set up like my old house. It was in Australia but it was snowing outside. My mom was making spaghetti. Then Tina Fey + Amy Poehler put bombs on the tectonic plates of all the continents and started blowing up the world. The animals started going crazy & escaping their vaults. We were in lockdown. Then my best friend started drilling me with questions on why I didn't want to go to Chicago this summer.
  7. 2/26
    Walking through a mall, and everything freezes but I can still move around and talk. There are a few other people who can do the same. They tell me to follow them. I walk with them to a warehouse & they say that we are the "chosen ones" to save the planet. And one guy says "why the hell is she here, she doesn't belong here?!" about me. And I cry and run away. And Ryan Gosling rescues me and we reenact La La Land - except at some point he's not Ryan Gosling anymore, he's my friend from college.
  8. 4/19 (The bat shit dreams are back)
    Chris Pratt and I were tasked to burn down this school and my job was to distract the kids and get them all out safely without letting them know we were destroying their school. Chris was setting up triggers all over the school while I was doing that. We rendezvoused at the cafeteria after the kids were out safely & lit a match and did the super hero slow walk out of the school with the flames rising behind us.
  9. 4/20 (not substance related, FYI)
    A guy I went to college with (and almost dated) and I were at a concert. He was hammered. I had to drive him home and practically carry him to his apartment. When I went to leave he grabbed my arm & told me he has always loved me and that's not gonna change now just because I was a vampire.
  10. 4/21
    I was a lifeguard in Hawaii & I was walking along this giant cliff. The other lifeguards spotted a shark in the water below and then began to make jokes about throwing someone in. One guy playfully shoved me and I slipped and fell. I hung onto the edge panicking and no one tried to help me. I had to climb back up the cliff by myself to not die.