Events I Wish The Office Got To Cover

Albeit, still with Michael Scott as Regional Manager.
  1. Kim Kardashian Breaking the Internet
    Michael thinks the Internet is *actually* broken and has a meltdown because Facebook is the only place he saved his wedding photos.
  2. Hillary Clinton (Almost) Becoming President
    Michael gathers all the women in the office to throw a "I'm With Her Majesty" Party because he thinks that's what you'll call the first female President. He orders a male stripper. Angela quits when Hillary loses.
  3. Deflategate
    Several references to Andy's torn scrotum and multiple "That's What She Said" jokes.
  4. SCOTUS Legalizing Gay Marriage
    Michael plans a flash mob proposal for Oscar and Gil only to find out they're already married. They steal Michael's thunder and announce that they're adopting. Michael gets furious that his attention was stolen so he announces he's gay to get the attention back on him. Later has to apologize to Oscar for ruining his moment and apologize to "all the gays" for pretending he was "born this way" - cue apology Lady Gaga flash mob. (This episode is as painfully awkward to watch as Scott's Tots)
  5. Zika Outbreak
    Michael makes all the women in the office take a pregnancy test because he thinks that's how you spread Zika - through pregnant women. We find out Angela and Dwight are having a baby.
  6. The Olympics
    Michael dies his hair the same color as Ryan Lochte. We find out Phyllis was a junior Olympic gymnast when she was younger. Dwight sets up a pool in the parking lot to dive into from the roof, ends up being the same color green as the Olympic pool so they call off the dive.
  7. Leo Wins His Oscar
    Michael throws a party and everyone has to dress like a Leo character. Everyone ends up wearing a suit and being Gatsby, except Dwight who was the bear from Revenant.
  8. Super Bowl 51
    Dwight is the only one in the office rooting for The Patriots because one of the goats on his farm is named "Tom Brady." Michael makes a speech about rooting for Atlanta because he feels bad for Michael Vick ("y'know him, right Darryl?"). Jim + Pam + Oscar make prop bets. Kelly boycotts the game because Beyoncé isn't doing the halftime show. Angela reminds everyone she's "only here because she planned the party" and that she "doesn't support the barbaric customs of football"
  9. Man Celebrates His Wife's Curvy Body
    Michael sees that "Man Gets Praise For Celebrating His Wife's Curvy Body" is trending on Twitter. He then holds a conference meeting to "celebrate" all of the flaws of his fellow female coworkers because he wants to go viral. Jim says he only uses Instagram as a fake Beat Farm account to compete with Dwight.
  10. A Hamilton Episode
    Corporate offers two free tickets to Hamilton (original cast) in New York to the salesperson with the highest numbers at the end of the month. The rest of the non-sales staff riots. Michael says, to make it fair, whoever writes the best History of Dunder Mifflin song can win the tickets. ("How am I supposed to compete with a gay?" -Angela) Dwight says a play about Hamilton is stupid, he'd prefer a play about his favorite President, "Andrew Jackson."