Into It!

Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Power Your Happy by Lisa Sugar
    Books are meant to be read in a bubble bath. This particular book has me feeling some kinda way. Finding my own journey, finding my own happiness. Real inspirational girl boss shit in there.
  2. The Crown
    I told myself I wouldn't watch this show then it won all the Golden Globes and then I felt left out. So here I am. And now I'm obsessed like I knew I would be. And Claire Foy should be the real queen. When I watch more than one episode a day I start talking in a British accent....
  3. Dark Beer
    I'm normally a light & fruity beer gal, but I tasted Creature Comforts Koko Bunni and was a changed woman. Now I want all my beer to taste like chocolate and coffee.
  4. This Is Us
    When you're unemployed you have a lot of downtime for TV, okay? This show is what America needs right now. It's hopeful, it's raw, it's got Mandy Moore!! Honestly - many awards are in store for this show.
  5. Duolingo
    See, not all my unemployment time goes to TV and beer. At my last job we launched into 7 international markets where I managed communities, marketers and content but couldn't speak a word of their languages. So one of my goals for this year is to pick up a new language!
  6. Bad & Boujee
    Rain drop. Drop top. I fucking love this song and I won't stop.
  7. Parenthood
    Binge watching to finish before I start my new job. Fuck this show is emotional. The episodes where Max (who has autism) overcomes big obstacles just rock me to my core. And this season one of the characters gets diagnosed with breast cancer - my mom is celebrating breast cancer free today, two years. So fuck this show. I am a puddle.