Intros From That Weird Dance Meme Ranked

Worst to Best
  1. "I'm Emma"
    No greeting. No formality. A little spastic. Also, what's with raising your hand? Are you waiting to be called on?
  2. "I'm Sarah."
    Poor Sarah had to be cued in. Also, same deals as Emma - no greeting, no formality. Just putting it out there. I'm Sarah. Also, super fast. Didn't even have time to process your name before moving on.
  3. "My name is Hugh."
    Now we're getting somewhere. Such formality. Nice hand gestures. Nice tone and speed of intro. Such confidence. Hugh is boss.
  4. "Hi, my name's Catrina!"
    Catrina has it all. She starts with a nice greeting. Overflowing with confidence. Body language is extremely welcoming. Facial expressions say it all - this girl wants to be your best friend.
  5. "I'm Jon to you."
    Jon is a boss. He walks up and says "I don't care what you want to call me, heres what you're going to call me." He's gonna grow up to be a lawyer. Or go on shark tank.