Other Celebs Who Birthed Twin BeyBeys

Well not bey beys, but babies.
  1. Roger Federer
    TWO sets of twins!
  2. Elvis Costello
    Twin boys, Dexter and Frank.
  3. Julie Bowen
    Twin boys, John and Gus.
  4. Brangelina
    Vivienne and Knox
  5. Mia Hamm
    Grace and Ava
  6. Ricky Martin
    Matteo and Valentino
  7. SJP and Matthew Broderick
    Loretta and Tabitha
  8. Matt Stafford
    Wife, Kelly, currently still pregnant with twin girls.
  9. JLo + Marc Anthony
    Max and Emme
  10. Julia Roberts
    Phinneaus and Hazel
  11. Peyton Manning
    Mosley and Marshall