1. Why on earth does Jimmy Fallon have a Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream flavor but Vice President Joe Biden does not?
  2. How neat would it be if Barry O. we're to resign this week and give Joe Biden a few days as President?
  3. I don't know when "bucket hats" went out of style but I'd like to bring them back because I think I look great in a bucket hat and they're quite functional.
  4. Avocados (avocadoes?!) are gross.
  5. The best thing about commercials staring Shaq is that the mediocre performance he just delivered was the best take they got. His BEST take. Also, I wanna know how little he gets paid to do commercials?
  6. What kind of voodoo did Sherman put on the city of Atlanta when he burned it down to make all of our sports teams never have a championship?
  7. I might die in this spin class.