Here's all the things that happened in 1979, the last time we had a total eclipse of the sun.
  1. "Sweeney Todd" opened on Broadway
  2. 200th Episode of All in the Family
  3. Snow fell in the Sahara desert
  4. First documented case of a robot killing a human in the US
  5. "The Dukes of Hazzard" premieres on CBS
  6. Jimmy Carter makes Martin Luther King's Birthday a holiday
  7. YMCA files a libel suit against the Village People for their song, "YMCA"
  8. US House of Representatives begins live broadcasting to TV via C-SPAN
  9. A shit ton of nuclear testing in US, Russia, France....
  10. "The Deer Hunter", Jon Voight and Jane Fonda win Oscars
  11. Fuzzy Zoeller wins The Masters
    (My mom was there and got his autograph)
  12. Tom Cousineau is the first pick in the NFL Draft to the Buffalo Bills
  13. Margaret Thatcher becomes the first woman to be elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  14. Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister of Canada
    and now his son is Prime Minister for this one!
  15. "Alien" is released in theaters
  16. Los Angeles passes its first homosexual rights bill
  17. Sony introduces the Walkman
  18. Susan B. Anthony dollar is issued (1st US coin to honor a woman)
  19. Saddam Hussein becomes President of Iraq
  20. Mother Teresa wins Nobel Peace Prize
  21. Ronald Reagan announces his candidacy for President
  22. International Olympic Committee readmits China to the Olympic Games
  23. The board game Trivial Pursuit is developed