1. William Hung CD
    I remember it well. 7th grade. The terrible singing sensation had just gotten a ticket to Hollywood on American Idol. Me and my awkward middle school sense of humor thought it would be hilarious to buy one of his CD’s. “It’s a joke!” I told everyone. “It’s ironic!” I would repeat over and over. Then I learned every word. Then he began selling out concert arenas. Then he began selling merchandise with his face on it. What had I done……
  2. A Justin Bieber CD
    You would think I learned my lesson after the William Hung incident. But no. I just HAD to have that CD - as a joke of course. Everything I did was a joke, because I’m Nikki and I’m funny. But what I didn’t tell everyone was how much I loved it. Then he became the most popular pop singer of all time. He took his shirt off on stage. He wore pants without a belt. He broke Selena Gomez’s heart. He bought a monkey. He became…..a douche bag. What would’ve happened had I not bought that CD?
  3. "Atlanta Sports 'Meh' Since 1996" Shirt
    It hurts when your sports team never makes it to the playoffs. So you buy a T-shirt to poke fun at the irony of coming so close but so far. Then the 2016 Braves season happens. Arguably the worst season to ever happen to the Braves. I couldn’t even tell you who is on the team! I couldn’t even tell you how many wins we have, but it’s not that many. We are one of - if not the - worst team in baseball.
  4. Make Atlanta Great Again Trump Hat
    When Donald Trump announced he was running for President, everyone thought it was a joke. Everyone thought, “The Apprentice guy? Let’s see how long this lasts.” I made memes, I bought a hat ironically of course. Now we’re in June and he’s the Republican nominee. Now, my hat doesn’t feel so ironic anymore. Now I feel like it’s my fault for trying to be funny. I should’ve learned. It’s damn William Hung all over again….