TV Shows That Have Made Me Audibly Gasp

Inspired by @marymurphy
  1. Game of Thrones
    Duh, guys.
  2. The Bachelor
    I know, I know. But I was furious about this. You don't tell two girls you love them in the same day. And look how gorgeous she looked. Ugh I was heated mad.
  3. LOST
    I swear this show has me effed up to this day. Everything JJ Abrams does now makes me assume there's an alternate universe element to it. I just can't with this show.
  4. Westworld
    Speaking of JJ Abrams and shows that will literally wreck your world........
  5. The Challenge
    I'll be the first to admit. This is a dumb dumb TV show. But I fucking love it. And every season they drop some bombshell news (usually between these two meat heads) that makes me jump off my seat.