Wedding Dresses I Almost Bought But Didn't

And the names I gave them.
  1. The Butterfly Dress
    If my mother had her way, I would've bought this dress. This dress was so......regal. And the pictures don't do justice to the sparkle. I loved the way the front of this dress looked on me and the train was gorgeous but heavy. I had to remind myself (and my mother) that I was getting married outside in a hunting lodge in August. I would sweat to death before I ever made it down the aisle.
  2. The Tattered Tulle Dress
    The lace was perfect on this dress. And my mother cried, so that was a plus. But the bottom of the dress just wasn't doing it for me. I'm not a tulle fan. It screams "hot mess" to me and I didn't want my wedding to really say "hot mess" so I couldn't really get away from that.
  3. The Tattered Tulle (With a Bow)
    My mom and sister loved this dress so much they tried to get me to see it in a new light by tossing a bow on it. I loved how tiny it made my waist look (and how bodacious it made my booty look!) but I still noticed the chaos that was the Tulle at the bottom. It just looked like you wrapped the hot mess in a bow.
  4. The Pajama Dress
    If I had only tried in this dress, I would've bought this dress. It was made of jersey knit and felt like I was wearing pajamas. My butt looked amazing in this dress (not pictured) and it was doing nice things for my boobs too. It was also only $200. I didn't feel magical in it but I did feel like I could take a nap in it.
  5. The One That Got Away
    I tried this dress on four times. I almost bought this dress. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED my dress but I also loved this dress. I did second guess the neckline a few times which is the only reason why I didn't get it. It felt a little *too* modern for me. Like something only girls in the magazines or blogs could pull off so I ditched it for a more modest (and tbh, a more me neckline) and was much happier. But I think about this dress often. I feel like a real Pipa Middleton in this dress.