Everything is whatever you make it.
  1. We got to the hotel room and found, to our delight, our room was on the 28th floor looking over Las Vegas.
  2. We ate sushi in the middle of a casino. The excitement and anticipation was buzzing all around us.
  3. We tried to go in the hot tub, but it was closed. Instead, three of us shared a Piña Colada the size of my leg.
  4. We stayed in our bathing suits and drew a bubble bath. We sat in a bubble abyss getting drunk on love, laughter, and alcohol.
  5. After dolling ourselves up, we hit the town.
  6. A bright, neon amusement park of casinos, hotels, and sin lit our path.
  7. We walked through the strip, taking in the sights of the beautiful architecture before it was time to dance.
  8. Marquee. We danced under rays of beautifully colors neon lasers, confetti, bubbles, foam, and smoke. The sweaty bodies surrounding me flailed their limbs with me, laughed with me, smiled, danced. I was in an oasis of passion and bliss; we were all one enjoying the music, the beats flowing through our bodies.
  9. We left. Walked the strip, and bargained cigarettes for songs. "We'll give you a cigarette, if you play us a song." So we sat on the side of the street with four strangers and two guitars; lit by the neon reflecting off the water in a scenery that was meant to resemble Paris.
  10. We followed a signs that read "Flamingo Habitat." There were high hopes of finding the flamingos as we ran through 'The Flamingo' chasing them.
  11. We found them. We found the flamingos in all their glory. A funny thing I learned is that when flamingos sleep, they stand on one leg, tucking the other up under their bellies and tuck their heads back into their bodies. They look like fluffy pink little clouds.
  12. We headed back to the hotel, drew another bubble bath, and soaked in all we had consumed.
  13. I put my pajamas on, put on my sparkly loafers I deemed to be lucky, and brought down $5 in my pocket. I sat in a black cushioned seat in front of a glowing screen. My shoes were not lucky, I lost my money, but something in it felt good. To be in a place so many people dream of visiting.
  14. Our hotel room had a wall entirely made up of window. It was 6:30 in the morning, and I sat, and I wrote, and I watched the sun rise over a sleepy Las Vegas.
  15. Two hours later I awoke to sit in a hot tub (finally) for a short while of relaxation before departing back through the desert, through mountains, through nothingness but everything, to Los Angeles.
  16. We spent too much money on lunch and made our journey back. We drove right into the sunset, taking in the sights of the cotton candy sky over the shadowy mountains and open land. It may have been the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.