But never will.
  1. My mom.
    For thinking that it was okay to call me fat and ugly. For all the times she told me she wished I was never born and that I had no friends. For thing any shred of self-confidence I've ever had. For making me feel like I'm not worthy of love. For putting her hands on me and not only leaving marks on my skin, but on my body. For never being my friend. For never loving me the way I've loved you.
  2. My ex-boyfriend.
    For laying his hands on me repeatedly and saying the worst things anyone has ever said to me, and blaming it on how much he "loves me" and that it's only because he cares so much. For so deeply making me believe in love, being the only one who has ever truly been there for me, whilst fucking around with other girls and ultimately cheating on me. For making me feel like I was never enough. For still, to this day, fucking with my heart and making me believe the lies he spew.
  3. The boy who came next.
    For making me believe you were actually my friend. For listening to me and being there for me when I needed someone. For spending night with me talking, laughing, singing. For making me think you actually liked spending time with me, pulling me into your arms, and then ignoring my existence. For acting like you've forgotten everything we had.
  4. The girl who tried to make my boyfriend hers.
    For overstepping boundaries you knew you were crossing. For making me think you actually liked me and wanted to be my friend, then revealing to me it was only to get closer to him. For deliberately saying and doing inappropriate things to/with my boyfriend, and acting like you were innocent. For being selfish and only going after what you wanted instead of thinking of who you might be hurting. For making continuing to harass me on social media. For ruining the one good thing I had in my life.
  5. The second boy I've ever loved.
    For insistently telling me how you felt about me, even though you had a girlfriend. For pulling me closer to you until I was unable to continue denying my feelings. For telling me the sweetest things, and constantly being there for me. For promising me you always be there for me. For making me believe you cared. For cornering me until I saw nothing but you, making me fall, and then going back to the girlfriend you left. For lying about staying my friend, and acting now like you never knew me.