Here we go again!
  1. April 1st
    Oops I wore this again. There's a pair of jeans on my bottom half. 🙂
  2. April 2nd
    This is: It's 8:30am. I was supposed to leave for work half an hour ago but I only woke up ten minutes ago and my room is a mess.
  3. April 3rd
    This is a really terrible photo but peep the cuff of my pants.
  4. April 4th
    Go ahead and try to tell me this isn't the best raincoat of all time. Go on, I'm listening.
  5. April 5th
    Honestly idk what I'm wearing. ft. a corner of my living room
  6. April 6th
    Couldn't fit all my clothes in my suitcase so I put them on
  7. April 8th
    I'm on a plane so this photo will have to do. These leggings are bomb. Also ITALY HERE I COME
  8. April 9th
    This looks photoshopped but I'm really here!!!
  9. April 10th
    This little dress has shorts attached to it and it's my f a v o r i t e .
  10. April 11th
    This really is the worst photo (thanks brother) but it's all I have so it'll have to do.
  11. April 14th
    Mom told me I dress like I'm always going to a funeral. It's not entirely false.
  12. April 15th
    I felt really hip
  13. April 24th
    Life hack: If you can't afford to attend something, work it.
  14. April 25th
    Oh overalls, how I've missed you.
  15. April 27th
    These overalls make me look like Frumpy McFrumperstein, but that's ok cause look at this horse.