A running list
  1. March 1st
    Just the most fashionable. If I could live in my overalls, I would.
  2. March 2nd
    I call this look "I stole my roommates pants."
  3. March 3rd
    (I was too hungover for life.)
  4. March 4th
    My "I'm working a double so I'm going to wear my pajamas to work" ensemble.
  5. March 5th
    Because you can never go wrong with black on black on black.
  6. March 6th
    I did not change out of my pajamas. I went to yoga in my pajamas.
  7. March 7th
    Why get dressed in real people clothes when you're just going to go straight from home to work... (This is quickly becoming a list about how lazy I am)
  8. March 8th
    Happy International Women's day to all my beautiful ladies and lady lovers!!! You're so strong and I'm fervently proud of you with my whole being.
  9. March 9th
    These are the COOLEST pants that I got from a thrift store in LA — this photo does not do them justice. Also, 10 points for a hella dirty mirror, amirite?
  10. March 12th
    Worked for 13 hours today so here's my stunner uniform ✨✨✨
  11. March 13th
    It's too cold for fashion.
  12. March 14th
    SNOW DAYYYYY (i think I think I'm cool or something I mean what IS THIS)
  13. March 15th
    Idk why these pants look so weird on me they were cute when I bought them
  14. March 16th
    Lizzie McGuire is an outfit repeater and so am I (these jeans are better anyway). But also, mom jeans and turtle necks are life.
  15. March 17th
    Happy St. Patrick's Day! If I were older in the 90's I so would've been in a girl band.
  16. March 19th
    These boots give the illusion that I'm tall and I like that
  17. March 23rd
    I'm always trying to figure out how to make sweats fashionable. I think I did an ok job aside from the fact that I kinda look like a plumber.
  18. March 24th
  19. March 28th
    I'm laughing because I took this photo at 1:30am when I got home from work. This is the face of exhaustion. Laugh with me, y'all.
  20. March 29
    Bought this shirt/dress in a thrift store in LA and it's my favorite #hippielife