A collective photo diary of the month
  1. Static
    Don't chase the sun, be the sun.
  2. Static
    This lady is such a queen.
  3. Static
    These delinquents went on a rampage around the city stealing shrubs out of the ground. Why? No clue.
  4. Static
    Holi Festival - HAPPY SPRING!!! 🌷👅
  5. Static
    When one of ya celebrity crushes watches ya Instagram story??? What's good, Dales 👅
  6. I have a crush on a clown.
  7. Static
    Oops the rain brought my curls out of hiding 🙈
  8. Static
    Also trying to love my au natural self and my mane. ✨
  9. Static
    This perfect gumdrop and I can sit around talking about life and the universe nonstop for hours. I couldn't love our friendship more.
  10. Static
    One of the many frustrating things about being a female actor.
  11. Static
    Literally always on the same page with this one.
  12. Static
    Threw my best friend a surprise birthday party and a lot of really rad people showed up.
  13. Static
    Sharlene and I covered ourselves in sparkles and went to a circus themed night at the House of YES in Brooklyn and danced legitimately like nobody was watching and it was everything.
  14. Static
    Monday blues
  15. Static
    I've been teaching myself how to see auras. Apparently this is my face when I do so.
  16. Static
    Look how fucking cool my best friend is.
  17. Static
    Holi Festival pt. 2
  18. Static
    Best hat.
  19. Static
    This was a happy Friday
  20. Static
    Taking a biopic class where I'm playing Amy Winehouse. Phase 1.
  21. Static
    Saw Kinky Boots and did not realize how relevant it was. Cried beautiful, sequin tears.
  22. Static
    Days like these are what dreams are made of.
  23. Static
    This lady bug and I met on the Internet 10 years ago in a Jonas Brothers chat room. Lucky for us we were both actually who we said we were, and we're still friends today.
  24. Static
    Some SERIOUS Monday blues.
  25. Static
    Shoutout to our nearest star for continuously rocking my world.
  26. Static
  27. Static
  28. Static
    I had to have these. So I bought these.