A running list to hold myself accountable — Also, let's talk about it?
  1. This is Us: Season 1
    TV show
  2. Heathers
  3. Captain Fantastic
  4. Fences
  5. The OA
    TV show
  6. Girl, Interrupted
  7. Before Sunrise
  8. Before Sunset
  9. Before Midnight
  10. Jackie
  11. Arrival
  12. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
    TV Show
  13. The Beauty Queen on Lenanne
  14. Cafè Society
  15. Minimalism
  16. Reality Bites
  17. American Honey
  18. The Jungle Book
  19. American Pie
  20. Amy
  21. Blue Lagoon
  22. The Little Prince
  23. American Pie 2
    These movies are actually fucking hilarious?
  24. Girls Just Want to have Fun
    Adorable film.
  25. Adventures in Babysitting
    Typical over dramatic, entertaining 80's film.
  26. Blue Velvet
  27. Manchester by the Sea
  28. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    This show is actually hilarious. Neeeeed more episodesssss
  29. Milk
    This is just as important as ever. So, so beautiful.
  30. White Girl
    This film was just tragic. Damn, and too fucking real.
  31. V for Vendetta
    I really hate to say that I was not as interested in this as I thought I was going to be.
  32. Room
    I watched this first thing in the morning when I woke up. I don't know why I insist on watching movies that make me SOB.
  33. Great Expectations
    God, I love Ethan Hawke.
  34. Blue Jay
    This film reminded me so much of my previous relationship. Please watch this film it's absolutely breathtaking.
  35. Why Him?
    I laughed. It was a funny movie to entertain me whilst on an 8.5 hour flight.
  36. Masterminds
    Watched this on the plane back from Italy.
  37. Nerve
    Watched this simply because I love Dave Franco.
  38. Bleed for This
    Wow I loved this film. Miles Teller fucking killed this.
  39. Pitch Perfect 2
    Adam DeVine was the highlight of this movie for me.
  40. 13 Reasons Why
    To be honest I was a bit disappointed. However this is such an important topic that needs to be spoken about and it's about damn time. Also Dylan Minnette is fucking adorable. #crushing
  41. On the Road
    Want to like this way more than I did.
  42. Baby Daddy
    I just really love Jean-Luc Bilodeau and want to be Chelsea Kane so hello guilty pleasure
  43. Amy Winehouse: A Final Goodbye
    I'm taking a biopic class where we had to pick a real life person to emulate, and I picked Amy. If any of you know of any great material on her, send them my way.
  44. See Spot Run
    I make everybody watch this movie.
  45. Coffee and Cigarettes
  46. Frances Ha
    So adorable. I felt this movie way too hard.
  47. Dazed and Confused
  48. The Place Beyond the Pines
  49. Twin Peaks: Season 1
    I just....
  50. Beauty and the Beast
  51. Get Out
  52. Riverdale: Season 1
  53. Before I Fall
  54. Adult World
    Evan Peters 😍
  55. Moana
    Wowow I was so afraid I'd be disappointed and I was the farthest from. I'm not crying, you're crying.
  56. Dawson's Creek: Season 1
    I don't know why I'm doing this to myself.
  57. Baby Driver
    R u facking kidding me.
  58. Fight Club
    Brad Pitt's wardrobe in this film is my entire aesthetic.
  59. American Horror Story: Freak Show
    Wow I love Evan Peters and anything vintage circus and freak show. (Also why is Emma Roberts here?)
  60. The Fundamentals of Caring
    Eh, it was cute.
  61. American Horror Story: Coven
  62. American Horror Story: Asylum
    Might be my favorite season yet. (Can y'all tell I'm a tad bit obsessed???)
  63. American Horror Story: Murder House
    Clearly I have a problem.
  64. X-Men: Days of Future Past
  65. American Horror Story: Hotel
    🙄 what a disappointment.
  66. To the Bone
  67. Safelight
    I tried. I couldn't finish it. Maybe I'll try again.
  68. IT
    This was actually hilarious and also so damn good. I was not disappointed (thank god).
  69. Mother!
  70. Me, Earl, and The Dying Girl
  71. 20th Century Women
  72. Everybody Wants Some!
    Cute. I had no idea this was Linklater.