Art is all around you.
  1. Street art is art, too.
    Just because it's not contained in the walls of a museum doesn't make it anything less.
  2. "Blinded by all the stuff."
    This is simply so important.
  3. This is outside of my job and it puts a smile on my face every time I see it.
    I love New York.
  4. There's bits of art and inspiration even under your feet.
    It's everywhere. Sometimes you just have to look.
  5. This brings so much joy to my soul.
    I feel this captures the art of joy.
  6. Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way.
    Ain't that the truth.
  7. What lifts you?
    But this boy is so wonderful. And complicates my life far too much.
  8. Dragon breathing yarn fire.
    The effort this must have taken amazes me.
  9. Dream.
    Brooklyn always coming in clutch with the inspiration.