1. I don't understand why talking about periods, sex, and breastfeeding is so taboo.
  2. These are literally some of the most natural things our bodies do.
  3. I get my period because it's my body's natural function, not something I'm causing my body to do.
  4. It occurs naturally because it's something my body is SUPPOSED to do.
  5. Why is it gross if I talk about it?
  6. Why is it so shocking to talk about sex?
  7. It's legitimately the only natural way we reproduce and keep our species alive.
  8. We were obviously created to meant to have sex otherwise we wouldn't be here right now.
  9. If it's the only reason we're here on this earth, why is it uncomfortable for me to talk about?
  10. Women's breasts form milk on their own. Not because we did something to cause it.
  11. If this happens to a woman's breasts naturally, because of having SEX and keeping the human race going, why is it looked down upon at times?
  12. Women are literally using their breasts for what they're made to do: feed their children.
  13. My breasts are not for men to gawk at or to grab.
  14. They're to provide nutrition for my future children, so why is it uncomfortable when spoken about?
  15. Stop shaming people for talking about things their bodies naturally do and making them feel bad about it.