Sunsets have become one of my muses and so I'd like to share them with you. Maybe they'll inspire and ignite a flame in you, as well.
  1. Driving into the sunset; leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple
    New York, New York
  2. During the Golden Hour. It's in moments like there's where I feel most alive and understand what life is truly about.
    Griffith Observatory, California (featuring me)
  3. Over the Manhattan bridge after class on a golden Monday afternoon.
    From Brooklyn to New York
  4. My last night in California with a friend I don't see far too often who makes me laugh endlessly and fills my soul with joy.
    West Hollywood, California
  5. Arriving after I ran away from New York to escape the cold and my problems for a little while.
    Los Angeles, California
  6. Outside of a wonderful boy's apartment.
    Brooklyn, New York
  7. The sunset in my rear view mirror, and I left all my troubles behind me.
    Long Island, New York
  8. With skies like these, how could you not believe in magic?
    New York, New York
  9. By the ocean. After I had my heart shattered this gave me a glimpse of hope that everything would be okay.
    Long Island, New York
  10. Walking hand in hand with the boy who had my heart to the place we shared and called home.
    Ridgewood, New York
  11. At the highest point in Edinburgh, Scotland. On an adventure with a girl I can now honestly call one of my very best friends.
    Edinburg, Scotland (featuring me)
  12. My first night Scotland. This city is straight out of a fairytale. Castles and all.
    Edinburgh, Scotland
  13. On the train home from a weekend filled with creativity and good friends. On this day, the cotton candy skies reflected the feeling inside of me.
    Brooklyn, New York
  14. When a boy took me to Paris for my birthday, showered me with love and showed me what a real life fairytale is.
    Paris, France
  15. The calm after the storm. Right before my NYC acting debut.
    New York, New York
  16. Driving home with my favorite boy after escaping our busy, chaotic, mundane city lives to spend the night blissfully in love in a cottage in the middle of nowhere.
    New York, New York
  17. "And on the 27th night of May, the sky reflected a fire within me as I was doused with rain, passion, and inspiration."
    New York, New York