1. The first snow
  2. Tucking your hands into your sleeves
  3. Cupping your cold hands around a warm mug
  4. Finally snuggling up under your covers after a long day
  5. Uncontrollably laughing
  6. The way the sunlight leaks through your windows in the morning
  7. Finding the pressed flowers you left in books long ago
  8. Someone playing with your hair
  9. Walking through old book stores
    Running your fingers along the spines of all the stories
  10. Saying the same thing at the same time as someone else and giving each other that "look"
  11. Getting a phone call from someone who just wants to check up on you, see how you are
  12. Handwritten letters
  13. Watching milk slowly mix into your coffee
  14. When someone is genuinely excited to see you
  15. The moment when an old song pours out of your headphones and all of the memories come rushing back to you
  16. The scent of freshly baked cookies