(and the memories that follow)
  1. It wasn't until I walked down your old street, almost a year later, that it all came flooding back to me.
    - Like it never left.
  2. How many times did we walk that path together?
    Now I walk alone, but maybe I had been alone the whole time.
  3. I walked past the wall that read, "LOVE," and straight to the old castle.
  4. I saw you (in my mind) perched atop the steps of your stoop that led to the cherry red door of your cornflower blue apartment.
  5. My mind traced the memories it held that lie inside that house;
  6. the day it all began, innocently reciting the words of Clifford Odets, and hesitantly sharing our first (and only) kiss, where the words read, in the glow of the kitchen light.
    Endless cups of tea and Munchkin battles
  7. You'd show me your favorite movies, and I'd show you mine, all the while, blind fully (and sinfully) falling for each other.
  8. I remember the time the birds sang for us, and the leaves fell for us while giggling down 4th ave, singing our favorite Christmas tunes.
  9. I remember the way your eyes looked when you couldn't take them off of me as I began falling asleep at your kitchen table.
  10. I remember when you began to look different standing there in your white t-shirt and my stomach began to turn.
  11. I remember the first time you told me how you felt, when you couldn't hold it in any longer, how regretfully the words slipped through your lips.
  12. And with my honor, I never said a word how I felt,
  13. because you belonged to someone else.