It comes it all shapes and forms; not only the way you would express it yourself, or in words "I love you." I'm learning to accept this.
  1. A father following after his young son, guarding him, to make sure he didn't get too close to the moving train.
  2. The elderly couple walking around the streets of Brooklyn holding hands.
  3. My scene partner being proud of me for doing well in class even though our exercise consisted of me pulling a prank on him and embarrassing him.
  4. My roomate risking being late to work this morning so she could see her husband for a few short minutes between him coming home from work, and her leaving for work.
  5. My friend's boyfriend making her breakfast.
  6. The customer at my restaurant who brought her friend out for her birthday and surprised her with dessert.
  7. My ex giving me the last french fry.
  8. "I would die for you."