1. Wake up by 8 am
  2. The sun is shining in through the window
  3. Look over to my best friend who is sleeping next to me and looks like an angel because of the way the light hits her face
  4. Go on my phone for a little
  5. Talk with my best friend who is now awake
  6. Make a banging breakfast (bacon and eggs for me, coffee and a bagel or cereal for my homie)
  7. Watch tv while eating banging breakfast
  8. Continue watching tv
  9. Get ready for an adventure in the beautiful sunshine
  10. Pack sandwiches, snacks, and water for my adventure
  11. Get in Rachel's jeep and drive into the mountains
  12. Walk around outside
  13. Find a cute place to eat
  14. ALSO it would be great if my dogs were with me
  15. ALSO Mikey and my mom