10 things I never want to see change with age.

If I can help it, these things will never change or lessen in my life. (this is a, provoked by my birthday soon, for me list:)
  1. My attitude towards new people in my life
    I hope I'm always welcoming.
  2. Taste in music
    I always want to love what's old, what's new and all the classics, cross the board.
  3. My heart
  4. My chill
    I don't want any fears to heighten as life goes on. If I fear anything I want to always maintain being able work thru it.
  5. Youthful spirit balanced with maturity
    It's a balance and I hope I never tip too far forward with age.
  6. My vote
    If you ever see me change my vote, I give you permission to come find out what happened to the real Nikki and then call the cops on the imposter.
  7. My happiness in the small things
  8. Flexibility
    Being able to roll with the punches when they happen. And as for literally, I'm also hoping I'll always have the ability to sit cross legged in a chair. It's the most comfy position:)
  9. Adventure in both daily life and also with travels.
    I don't think this will go away with age, I just don't want to ever find myself unable to feel my spark or somehow lose my sense of fondness for it.
  10. My goofiness and the desire I have for fun (oh and big bear hugs too)