A list of 6 - something I've said, done, learned, tried, was grateful for and changed in these last six months. #june
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    In the last 6 months I've
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    said to him, "Justin you are amazing."
    And it was the best one sided conversation I've had yet to date.😍☺️
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    done a bit of praying/meditating.
    For humankind as a whole, a few people who are dealing with illness and people I care about who could use some good vibes.✨
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    learned about radical happiness.
    Taking a risk leaving something downright awful and not knowing what's in store gave me the opportunity. So far, so good! (I couldn't find a better way to phrase a short, very positive heart burst of emotion that followed my success in choosing what's best for me regarding work:)
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    tried, a few new things!
    This includes ballet classes, venison, random travels to new places(WKRP🙌🏼), bikram yoga, no drinking, Italian sausage on my pizza, being patient in traffic and running, to name a few!
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    been grateful for my friends.
    I'm pretty freaking lucky tbh.💕
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    changed how I view what to do about the world and its chaos.
    I no longer say, "Love is the answer." I acknowledge it takes so much more to solve or even improve all that's wrong and I'll do what I can, even when it feels like I'm not making a dent. Being complacent isn't an option.(but I'll still always believe that love is one of the biggest components in the solution for world peace.;)