a birthday list.
  1. My sweet grandma turned 90 this week and I'm just so impressed by her.
  2. She's lived through loss that I could never imagine, beginning with her mom dying due to an accident when she was a teenager.
  3. She has also lost her husband and three of her children(all under the age of 50) due to cancer.
  4. She's lived a very full life and I adore that she is still kicking it in the same gigantic house that my mom grew up in.
    As kids at times we could play hide and seek and never get found loll
  5. She's still somewhat engaging and knows what's going on around her, for the most part, and she still loves to laugh which just confirms my own belief that it's important to have laughter in your life.
  6. I'm just impressed that at 90 she is still telling me I need to call more often, getting to the salon once a week, smoking(loll) and being a true sweetheart.
  7. Sure, you can tell she's 90. But those things don't play as large a part as love and joy.
  8. I also feel grateful that at my age I can say my grandma is still around and reminding me she loves me.
    I have friends whose grandparents are since passed away.
  9. I really do hope I live to be 90 and do the exact same thing for my grandkids and great grandkids.
  10. Actually I hope that at 90, me and their grandpa are still enjoying life, albeit in front of the tv watching our favorite movies;), but still having the family over to say hello and giving out hugs bc I'll be doing that until I'm gone lol.
  11. I also hope I make a difference in others lives like she has mine.💕
  12. When it's her time, I'll be exceptionally sad but I'll likely still smile thru my tears just because I know that's what she would want!:) Here's to hoping she sticks around for another decade tho!!💯🎉