A few Life Quests

Inspired by @jennifergster and @cvlop61
  1. To listen to every album listed in this book.
  2. Get rid of depression as a whole, not just in moments, months or years.
  3. To raise my children to know and always believe five things: 1. If you *ever need to get out of a bad situation, no matter what time or where it is, call me and I'll come get you, no questions asked.
    2. Unconditional means unconditional - my love won't change even as we lose patience with one another while trying to figure out how to get you to put your phone down and for me to accept you may just not want to spend time w the rest of us(which is normal, and human.)
  4. 3. Your worth comes from being your perfectly imperfect, beautiful/handsome self - not from anyone or anything else, EVER. 4. Transparency, forgiveness, adventure and laughter is what makes us successful as a family, not what dad or I earn. 5. Don't ever doubt, I'll always have your back. Even if I disagree, we'll figure it out. Always.
  5. To drive this car. Preferably fast.
    A '57 Porsche 356 Speedster
  6. To miraculously find the perfect black and white striped two piece, Kate Spade purse, a black lace slip, red flannel sans cami and boyfriend jeans, a pair of midnight blue Chucks, ruby earrings, a sheer babydoll dress, a women's black Gap Peacoat to go w my hand stitched scarf and to look gorgeous in any of it at any time.
  7. Feeling love in a conversation, making dinner, little surprises, listening, laughing really hard, walking in the rain, dealing with life's giving and takes and meeting again,
    under the covers, hands entwined and eyes still closed. noses almost touching, breathing really softly and the quiet of perfect hanging in the air.
  8. Seeing this at least once a year no matter where I relocate to✨
    My California sunsets I will forever treasure🌅
  9. To really live the saying, "Life is short so tell the ones you love that you love them."
  10. To always enjoy spring's smells of fresh flowers(and cut grass), summer's heat(and poolside dives in the deep end), fall's beautiful colors(and sports along with cinnamon apple/pumpkin pecan anything), and winter's quiet(and warmth next to a fire with a handful of marshmallows to put in your hot cocoa).✔️