a list.

Reasons why I appreciate you.
  1. You listen.
  2. You reciprocate thoughts.
  3. You are gentle.
  4. You can also be assertive.
  5. You are a wonderful dad and it reminds me of my own in the best way possible.
  6. You are trying. You're trying at life. You're trying to stay afloat.
  7. You and I flow.
  8. You have a hilarious sense of humor.
    I possibly love this best of all.
  9. You have similar desires as I do so it makes it easy to be friends with you.
  10. Our phone conversations are always ridiculously awesome.
  11. You accept me for who I am. You've seen the worst of me and you still write me, talk to me.
  12. You make me want to get my shit together.
  13. You give me hope in myself.
  14. You allow me space and treat me with respect.
  15. You're genuine.♥️
    This one is my favorite. Thank you for being you.
  16. ✨I wrote this list a while ago and I somehow saw it again by default today and I need to publish it, for me. This is a for me list.❤(so it's ok if you don't read or respond.)
    I'm both full of tears and also surprised at how much I could actually adore one person. It's not until you're outside of your situation that you can see how much you gave of your heart. The sadness is seeing you lost sight of what's missing. In the moment you can't, you just, can't. You can't possibly comprehend anything wrong because this person was the epitome of what you've hoped for. What you dreamed of. You even listed about it!! And yet, it's not him. "He is apparently still out there.
  17. I have to believe that because I know in my heart of hearts I'm meant to be a partner, a side kick to an adventurous soul who wants to watch sunsets with me and raise our kids with laughter as a priority and kiss my eyelids softly when I'm sleeping and hold me tight when I'm hurting and stand beside me when the world hits us hard.
  18. I have to rewrite my Dream Guy list. I have to because there was just one thing missing. And that one thing made the difference between "Its you." and "I'm still waiting." If I can put out into the universe everything I hope for, and just see that one thing missing, what do I have to lose?
  19. Thanks for listening.❤