Inspired by @DG and every other traveling lister. Loved reading your stories!
  1. Maine
    Lobsters and chowder and rocky beaches.
  2. Florida
    Being 14 and sneaking along with my 19 yr old cousin to Ft Meyers during spring break to flirt with boys who were older😉
  3. New York
    I was in the city, 4 am drinking beer on the stoop of my friends bldg on the upper West Side and two guys walked up behind us, we thought, to go inside. They turned around, one kneed me in the back and held me to the ground while the other pushed Jason down the steps. Then 4 more came out of nowhere. They walked away but that's not the end. I'll have to list about this some time. I have a few but this is one New York moment that I'll never forget.
  4. Nevada
    Vegas. Crazy. Awesome. Hot. Alive. Jackpots. Bacardi and Cokes. Lights. That drive on the 15 thru Barstow.
  5. Texas
    Volunteering at the Houston AstroDome after Hurricane Katrina happened. It was surreal to speak with people who lost everything, including family members, and were being flown to other parts of the country because Houston couldn't handle the influx. I remember helping a young woman onto a plane and she just kept saying she didn't know where Tennessee was, she can't find her mom and she is scared. All I could do was pray with her. It broke my heart. I still think about her sometimes.
  6. Arizona
    Yuma is just a little weird to me. And I hope to get to The Grand Canyon sometime.
  7. Minnesota
    My best friend lives in New Ulm and I stayed with her for a few months in 2010. I loved Minnesota. One favorite memory was on a hike at dusk and as we walked across the field after the trail ends to go to our car, the air was lit up by fireflies and it was so beautiful. I've never seen one before and there were hundreds, flying thru the air looking like twinkle lights. The sky was orangey red purple blue from the sunset and the greens of the Pines and the field...nature is so sweet sometimes.
  8. Illinois
    Chicago has my heart. I grew up in MI so it's just a 5 hr drive. One of my favorite memories is my senior year of hs we went to audition for schools. I remember being in this fancy hotel where all the schools had taken over 5 floors and you had to rush to get to your next audition. I'll never forget the Rosalind monologue I (feel) I nailed at my Juilliard audition. I didn't get a callback but I had so much fun riding the El w my friends and eating excellent Italian that it was still awesome. :)
  9. The next states I plan on visiting are above me geographically in the PNW (I live in CA). I have friends in both Portland and Seattle and I'm hoping when I move east I can take my time and drive up the 1 and then turn right after Seattle. I'm also hoping to stop in Colorado and Montana. We'll see!