A thought

Do over/redo✨
  1. I wish there were redo's for some real things:
  2. A knee jerk reaction to something
  3. Saying yes instead of no or no when you want to scream yes, please
  4. Saying I love you too soon or at all
  5. Accepting a job
  6. First impressions
  7. Times you impulse buy at Target, which is always
  8. The glitter red that caught your eye but just doesn't look great on your toes
  9. The 'time for a change!' haircut
  10. Holding on too hard to someone or even the idea of them
  11. The time wasted not believing in your success
  12. Sometimes a kiss needs a redo, for all the best reasons💕
  13. The noodles you cooked for just a minute too long, and it was the end of the box
  14. Spending money you don't have to look good for someone who didn't even wind up noticing
  15. A short hug with someone you really love
    making it a solid one instead:)
  16. The extra helping of bread they set out at Cheesecake Factory
  17. Admitting you like someone.