Advice To My Younger Self

Correction: to my Yesterday Self who had a difficult morning. (So a for me list for sure. A self help list maybe? Lol;)
  1. New day and good reminders: You know where you stand and how much life has improved for you. Keep it up.💪🏼👊🏼🤘🏼
  2. Life will always be crazy, keep joy and disappointment balanced which I think you're getting the hang of. As your friend said, "You're 40 the whole year." So you just reschedule plans! You can *always* reschedule anything you need to in order to keep yourself priority.
    That's healthy, not hurtful, and if they're true friends, they will always understand.❤️
  3. It's ok to miss someone. Even if you don't understand, you still aren't a bad person for missing them. No one is perfect. Give yourself some grace.
    Keep moving forward and be open to kindness, they may realize what's changed about the friendship isn't really better, who knows? Either way keep being you. And don't assume everyone has the ability to be like that just bc it's happened twice. Lessons come in all ways but so do beautiful things. Handle this differently than before and be happy with what's there! Life is too short not to and everyone deserves a second chance at the best things in life!!!❤️❤️❤️
  4. And yes, life IS short so quit cleaning and go do something fun. You're not going to be in California much longer and you need to still do some fun things that are within budget and worth the time! Maybe get some friends to join you.💯
    Anyone? ☺️😘