A list of appreciation
  1. Friend
  2. Also coworker
  3. Military
  4. Hilarious
  5. Strong
    Literally and figuratively.
  6. Willpower
  7. Consistent
  8. He is the one helping me with accountability on my health/wellness journey.
  9. I stalled in March and looked into getting a trainer 💸 I just can't afford $300 for 4 sessions for example.
  10. I then thought about Alan. He is the one person that in the 8 years I've known him he is always consistent and overall just a chill guy. If he says he is doing something he'll actually do it. He often inspires me.
    I dream a lot but sometimes have difficulty w execution.
  11. When I asked him to be a low key accountability partner for me he said of course and it was a good decision for me thankfully!!
    Transparency about your life and weight with a coworker let alone a guy you respect, is not an easy decision.
  12. I got past a barrier w a circuit and today we took a ten min break so I could catch him up since it's a been a little bit.
  13. For being a military, shredded, hard ass dude I've noticed these past few months that he is rather soft hearted(something I've not noticed before) and today as we talked he said something that hit me in the feels.
    (It was in response to my still working out last month despite how I felt about a few things emotionally. Normally I would've been a hermit, eating terrible and zero energy.)
  14. "You're a good soul and it shows so if someone takes advantage of that or something goes wrong in life just be patient. Good people attract goodness. And you deserve happiness. That's what I want for you."
  15. I just feel lucky. With something as challenging and time consuming as changing my life routines alongside daily living, I found a friend to hold me accountable and not just a random person I paid.
  16. ☀️☀️☀️