Book Swap Friend📚

Dearest @corksnreads , let me count the ways you are *amazing*🎯
  1. #1 is the book.❤️
  2. Not only is he a favorite poet of mine but his words, his life needs to be shared and spoken out(as always) and I most certainly will revisit it once I can dive into this collection. It's almost two inches thick!
  3. #2 Is your thoughtfulness! Poetry. Great call.🏆
  4. #3 I can't wait to read this thoroughly and list about it. I've already seen snippets that took me back to hs when I first started reading his work and also how completely on point he is.✨
  5. #4 Thank you again @corksnreads You are an awesome book penpal frfr! I can't find Talor(☹️) who started this and connected us but I'm glad she assigned us to eachother.📚⭐️
  6. found her:) @talor