I spent the weekend in Big Bear camping and I thought about a lot which was good but this is a list about camping.
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    Let's start with what I enjoy about camping.💙
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    Being unplugged.
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    The breeze blowing thru the trees. It almost sounds like waves hitting the shore.
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    Campfires and their smells.
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    Grilling out with charcoal and that smell too.
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    The quiet.
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    Washing my hair and letting it air dry and it always turns out decent bc there isn't any humidity.
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    Smores and s'meeses.
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    Being all warm wrapped up like a burrito in a sleeping bag.
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    Brewing coffee in a percolator and how strong and good it is.
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    The starry night sky.
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    What I don't like about camping.👎🏼
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    Setting up and tearing down. It's exhausting bc the tent *never fits back into its bag.
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    The smell of the bathroom. These ones actually had flushing toilets(🙌🏼) instead of the classic hole in the ground and yet it still smelled. I always breathe thru my mouth.
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    Sunburns. I think it was the altitude but holy smokes my back and shoulders got so burnt this year! It was bad enough that I got a headache and couldn't even sleep after taking a Melatonin.
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    Hiking at a higher altitude always triggers my asthma and I hate that I'm always straggling behind.
    Wait for meeeee!
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    Needless to say, unplugging was a much needed break. I actually didn't want to turn my phone back on tbh.
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    Catching up on conversation with some good friends, laughing and also playing the guitar was nice too.
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    Oh and I can't believe this year is already half over. July is an awesome month but it feels like soon enough I'll be listing about my Halloween costume lol.
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