change of plans

I had plans and very last minute changed them. Instead I did the following(not in order)
  1. Watched a fireworks show from my front yard.
    It never fails how much I appreciate just sitting in the grass and getting a perfect view of the fireworks show that goes off from the sports park across the street.
  2. Learned Bakasana ⭐️I basically did it!☺️The pillows helped but I did it and can't wait to perfect it👏🏼👏🏼
    I'm stoked since it was on my 39 yr list
  3. Took a solid nap
  4. Added a few more pages of writing and I'm beginning to question where it's going.🤔I like the challenge but hope I don't pause again.
  5. Took the dogs for a really good walk
  6. We had a mini poetry session👌🏼I chose a favorite and read 'I carry your heart(I carry it in my heart)' by ee cummings ✨
  7. Made a bomb batch of cheesy potatoes
  8. Had some excellent conversation about life, marriage and what makes people happy.
    If you give yourself a moment to truly listen to your soul and be legit with yourself, you hear the most interesting things. And this is you, not others, making yourself happy so we agreed that you can't say "Oh my husband or my kids" or "My job". And it's not just "My long legs" or "My smile". It's more like, "When I actively harass my local government and see them do something."🙌🏼Or "Math problems."🤓Just a unique 4th of July convo I enjoyed.
  9. I didn't think to drink, at all. And it didn't even dawn on me even though we had beer and someone brought vodka and lemonade. I dig it that 1. I couldn't care less and 2. The fact that I couldn't care less makes me smile:)
  10. I remembered to get ready for work tomorrow lolll. It just doesn't feel right tho!! I want to have another day off:))
  11. Had yet another friend confirm that my future prospects on whereto next in life are looking good! I've been trying to narrow it down bc more options popped up and I want to be both adventurous and also wise.
    And I have to buy myself a little more time anyway bc I *need to visit NorCal💕once more and see General Sherman too before I go!💙☺️
  12. Made a wish on my first favorite firework✨
    That's a personal thing a friend and I do and I almost forgot! I'll let you know if my wish comes true:)
  13. In bed before midnight. That is a definite on a work night but tonight would normally be a late one because of the holiday. Yet here I am listing before I close my eyes and say hello to dreamland.😴⭐️⭐️⭐️✨💕